Stop Bad Dog Behavior – and Create a Loving Bond that Lasts a Lifetime!

Cathy’s K9 Kids provides step-by-step puppy and adult dog training in your home, nearby park, or around your neighborhood in Cleveland, Ohio's east side suburbs.
My programs offer reliable, effective solutions to all of your dog behavior challenges – from housebreaking and house manners to off-leash control and politeness with strangers and other dogs. Do you have a dog with a sweet and friendly personality? You might want to consider my Therapy Dog Training Program.

Is trying to control your dog’s behavior wearing you out? Whether this is the first dog you’ve ever owned or you’ve been a Pet Parent all of your life, you know that there is nothing more challenging than when your dog doesn’t listen to you or do what he or she is told. I’m here to help – with comprehensive, customizable training programs that are tailored to your needs, and to the needs of your dog. No harsh corrections, no yelling, and no treat bribes. Your dog will want to do as you tell him, because your attention and affection will be his paycheck.

Dog Training Programs

Puppy in Training

Puppy Training

For puppies 8-15 weeks old. Easy, reliable housebreaking steps, as well as gentle ways to curb play biting, destructive chewing and more.

Dog owner with her dog in training

Adult Dog Training

For dogs 16 weeks and older. Must-have house manners, walking without pulling, greeting without jumping, and advanced off-leash control with many distractions.

Cathleen Mutnick with her dog

Therapy Dog Training

Training for dogs and owners interested in being registered as a Therapy Dog volunteer team. Commands exceeding all organizations testing requirements, as well as stress-free visit tips.

 Step-By-Step Professional Dog Training In Your Home

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Changing your dog’s behavior is easier than you think.

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