Puppy Training

Successful Puppy Training Techniques for Your Newest Family Member

Puppies learn new things every waking moment; they’re like little sponges, soaking up the world around them. That’s why it’s so important to teach them obedience and proper manners now – to avoid creating bad habits that will be more challenging to stop in the future. The first 16 weeks of a puppy’s life can define how friendly and well behaved he will be for the rest of his life!

More Fun. Less Effort!

Maybe you’re having trouble housebreaking your puppy. Or maybe you can’t get him to stop biting and chewing. Or perhaps he jumps on people and barks incessantly. I know from personal experience how challenging all of these issues can be, which is why I’ve developed my Puppy Training Program.

Image of dogs resting

In four customized, in-home lessons, I’ll teach you everything you need to know to make puppyhood easier:

  • Easy housebreaking and housetraining steps – stop accidents RIGHT AWAY!
  • Stopping play biting your hands, feet, clothing, etc.
  • Adjusting your puppy to your daily routine
  • Crate training your puppy
  • Potty training your puppy
  • Preventing bad habits like jumping on people
  • Introducing your puppy to adult dogs
  • Stopping destructive chewing
  • Walking politely on a leash
  • Navigating stairs
  • Introducing puppy-safe toys and chews
  • Stopping demanding behavior like barking, mouthing, and jumping
  • Scheduling mealtimes and potty breaks
  • Answering any specific puppy issues and questions you have

Plus, you’ll receive a FREE puppy-safe chew toy at your first lesson, and a FREE 30-day follow-up meeting – all for just $349!

My puppy training program is specially designed for ages 8 weeks to 16 weeks old. What your puppy learns now can greatly impact his behavior for the rest of his life, so lets get started!


“Our family has more time to focus on the fun times of dog ownership without having to worry about all the bad behaviors that could persist for a very long time.”
Family photo posing with their dogDanielle Sovchen
“We were so excited to see improvements the first day of training and to get a good night’s sleep!”
Family photo with their dogNick Carroscia