Puppy Questionnaire

The Puppy Manners 101 Program is designed for puppies 8-16 weeks old. If your dog is now 16 weeks or older, CLICK HERE.

Check all that apply:*
Accidents in houseAccidents in crateDoesn't like crate (cries, barks, etc.)Playbites/mouthsPees when excited or nervousChewing inappropriate objectsPulls on leashWon't walk on leashFrightens easily (explain below)Growls at ___ (explain below)Jumps on peopleDoesn't like to be touch on ___ (explain below)Grabs treats too quicklyGuards food or toys (growls while showing teeth)Other behaviors (explain below)

* = requires an answer. If you do not receive a confirmation message after clicking SUBMIT, you may have skipped one or more of these questions. Those areas will be outlined in red.

I look forward to helping you with your new family member!