Therapy Dog Training

Spreading Love with Therapy Dog Training

Do you have a dog that is confident and friendly with strangers, and enjoys going to new places and meeting new people?

If so, he or she might be a natural Therapy Dog!

What is a Therapy Dog?

Therapy Dogs are different than Service Dogs and Emotional Support Dogs. Each is trained for a specific purpose:

A Service Dog is specially trained to assist a physically disabled person, helping to fulfill tasks that the owner isn’t capable of doing. Service Dogs are allowed in public establishments.

An Emotional Support Dog provides companionship to a single owner, helping to reduce that person’s mental and emotional stress. These dogs may live with their owner even if there is a “no pets” policy, but are not permitted in public establishments, and are not trained to perform physical tasks.

A Therapy Dog is an outgoing, well-behaved dog that donates time and companionship to many different people in organizations including hospitals, schools, libraries, assisted living and nursing homes.

Dogs in Training

My Therapy Dog Prep Program

My dog Chelsea and I have been a therapy dog team for many years. We currently visit the David Simpson House in Cleveland (a Hospice of the Western Reserve facility) every week, and we both find it emotionally rewarding. In fact, I enjoy therapy dog work so much that I’ve created a special Therapy Dog Prep Program to help other dog owners become great volunteer teams.

This training program is specifically designed to help you and your dog become a welcomed Therapy Dog Team at nursing homes, schools, libraries, rehab facilities, hospices, and many other places – where a little extra TLC and a wagging tail can make a huge difference in someone’s life.

I am an official Therapy Pets Unlimited (TPU) Evaluator and will teach you how to control your dog and keep him stress-free during your visits. Your dog will learn proper manners and basic on-leash commands needed to pass the most respected national organizations’  Therapy Dog test – including (site some examples here for link opportunities). I’ll also provide you with tips for getting started – including deciding which facilities are best for you and your dog.

Think your dog might be a good candidate for Therapy Dog training? Download this quiz to find out!

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