Dog Training Programs

Comprehensive Dog Training
in Your Home and Neighborhood

You’re ready to control your dog’s behavior. Now it’s time to decide the best way to achieve that goal. That’s where I come in! I offer two types of programs in the Cleveland, OH area:

  1. Day Training. Cathy Mutnick, Certified Professional Trainer & Owner of Cathy’s K9 Kids, LLC will pick up your dog, teach him commands in various high-distraction locations throughout the day, and return him smarter and VERY tired! Included in these Day Training programs are private lessons for you, so you’ll learn how to maintain your dog’s proper manners – even when he’s distracted.
  1. Private Lessons With You And Your Dog. You and your dog will simultaneously learn how to communicate better with lessons that will be held in your home, around your neighborhood, or in a nearby park.

Both types of dog training programs will be customized to your dog’s specific needs. I can also create a program especially for you.

Budget is never an issue. I have a variety of dog training programs to choose from starting at just $259. Unlike other obedience trainers, I don’t charge by the hour – or even by the lesson. My programs include all professional training equipment — valued up to $235 — which is yours to keep, as well as a FREE Pet Parent Walks spring through fall. And most programs offer free or discounted refresher courses – some for the rest of your dog’s life!

Dog Training Programs

Puppy in Training

Puppy Training

For puppies 8-15 weeks old. Easy housebreaking steps, to eliminate accidents; fun games to teach your dog to love his crate; safe toy recommendations and puppy-appropriate corrections to prevent play biting and destructive chewing; and more.
Dog owner with her dog in training

Adult Dog Training

For dogs 16 weeks and older. Must-have house manners, walking without pulling, greeting without jumping, and advanced off-leash control with many distractions.
Cathleen Mutnick with her dog

Therapy Dog Training

Training for dogs and owners interested in being registered as a Therapy Dog volunteer team. Commands exceeding all organizations testing requirements, as well as stress-free visit tips.

Which Program Should You Choose?

When it comes to dog training, one size does not fit all. The right training program depends on your dog – his or her age, the number and intensity of unwanted behaviors, the length of time these behaviors have been present, and more.

It also depends on your learning preference, commitment and training goals. Do you want to learn at the same time as your dog or have your dog work with a trainer first? What kinds of activities would you like to do with your dog?

If your dog is at least 4 months old, choose one of my customized adult dog training programs. Have a puppy under 4 months old? Visit my Puppy Training Page. Don’t see a program that meets your needs? I will create a program just for you during your in-home consultation.

When you Request a consultation with me, we will go through all of this in detail, and determine which program is best suited for you and your dog – so don’t feel like you have to make a decision before we meet, and there’s never an obligation to purchase a program during your consultation.