Dog Behavior Questionnaire

This form applies to dogs 16 weeks & older.


Your consultation will take approximately 30-60 minutes & is just $45.

If you purchase a training program during your consultation, $20 of this fee will be credited toward the program of your choice.

For dogs under 4 months old, please visit the Puppy Training Page.

How will your dog react to a stranger entering your home?*
Will jump on them--he loves company!Will bark but quickly calm.Will bark until you pay attention to him.Will run away & bark excessively.Will be excited but won't jump or bark.Won't bark but will run away & hide.May pee when stranger approaches.Has bitten strangers entering house.Not sure.I'll explain later.

Check All behaviors that apply*
Pees or poops in houseChews objects he shouldn'tPulls during walksRefuses to walk on a leashToo hyperJumps on peopleNuisance barkingSelective listeningDoesn't always come when calledSlips out door, runs awayDoesn't like to be touchedDog growls when I'm near his food bowlAfraid of certain noises, objects or peopleBarks at peopleAfraid of people he hasn't metBarks or lunges at other dogsTries to bite peopleHas bitten a person; no injuryHas bitten a person & broke skinWas attacked by another dogHas bitten another dog and broke skinWill not let me take objects away from himSteals objects he shouldn't haveBarks or jumps for attentionIs fearful in strange environments

* = requires an answer. If you do not receive a confirmation message after clicking SUBMIT, you may have skipped one or more of these questions. Those areas will be outlined in red.