About Us

Eliminating Bad Behavior in Dogs, Using Trusted Techniques

Cathy’s K9 Kids is dedicated to helping Pet Parents learn how to manage their dog’s behavior through clear communication that is based on strengthening the dog-human bond. No harsh corrections or bribery. My specialty is eliminating selective listening for dogs that are highly distracted, excited, or even extremely fearful.

What Makes Cathy’s K9 Kids Different?

Anyone can call themselves a dog trainer. Here’s what makes my approach & dog training programs unique.

Day Training programs in real-life settings. 

No other trainer in the Cleveland area offers Day Training programs that include teaching your dog obedience commands in real-life situations – in your neighborhood, in the local park – and then returns your dog smarter and tired the same day. (No nights away from you in a stressful kennel situation.)

One-on-one, supervised training. 

My Day Training programs give YOUR dog my complete focus. I only train ONE dog at a time, and I never leave your dog unsupervised.

Customized training techniques, tailored to your dog’s needs.

Many trainers use the same commands and the same approach for every dog; I customize the program you select based on your training goals and your dog’s personality.

No hourly fees or hidden expenses. 

Most trainers charge by the hour and add additional equipment costs (from which they profit). I’ve even been told by other trainers that you should never teach the dog everything, so that the client will need to buy more lessons. My programs include ALL training equipment, and many also include FREE refresher lessons.

Humane low-level remote collar training.

No other trainer in the Cleveland area is certified by a nationally-recognized remote collar school for the humane use of low-level remote collar training. I use this training technique merely to get your dog’s attention – never as a means of punishment.

Personal experience.

I understand how you feel, because I was in your shoes once with my own dog. My inability to control my puppy’s behavior (and the resulting frustration I felt) is what inspired me to become a Professional Dog Trainer. If you live on the east side of Cleveland I’m ready to help you. Request a consultation today!

Education & Memberships

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